Employee Health Screenings

Employee health screeningsEmployee health screenings, generally offered through a health fair / wellness fair, are one of the best ways to identity past, current, and potential health issues among workers (and spouses / dependents if they participate).

When used in conjunction with the health risk assessments, employee health screenings are an effective way for corporations to help educate workers about their current health status and potential for developing other health and lifestyle related issues.

Employee Health Screenings: Types of Programs

The most common employee health screenings offered at the workplace include blood pressure screenings, cholesterol screenings, glucose testing (diabetes risk), body mass index (BMI) and waist circumference.

Depending on how complex corporations want their health fair you may also include additional employee health screenings. For example, bone mineral density, lung function testing, vision, hearing, and skin cancer screenings and many others.

The more workers know about their health, the better their chances of making change. Knowledge is power! However, most frequently the type and amount of employee health screenings offered is solely based on cost of services.

Employee Health Screenings: Why Offer Them?

Early detection and chronic disease prevention is important to addressing elevated medical care claims among organizations. Knowing staff member risk factors not only allows behavior change but save lives, and can help prevents excess health claim costs down the road.

By way of example, the average treatment cost for early detection of prostate cancer is about $45,000 versus treatment at a later stage is $145,000. The difference is a life - and the cost of a wonderful, comprehensive Workplace Health Promotion Program. If funding is an issue for upper management, be certain to share this information with them.

Onsite employee health screenings frequently are low-cost and we generally recommend that corporations host opportunities like this once a year. The most important thing you can offer workers is a chance to achieve or maintain good quality of life. A large majority of corporations allocate wellness benefits to workers annually for preventative care exams (mammograms, blood tests, immunizations, etc).

Wellness quotes and proposals for employee health screeningsWhile this is a wonderful benefits, a large majority of workers either don't realize they have it, don't know how to use it, or just plain don't get routine exams when they need it for whatever reason.

Providing these biometric testing for employees (and even dependents) in the workplace removes barriers like lack of time and inconvenience for workers.